B & E Trailer Training

The test will start with an eye sight test before moving on to the “show me, tell me questions” about your vehicle. There will then be three separate sections, which can be conducted in any order.

The drive, a one hour drive that is marked to exactly the same criteria as your initial driving test.

The trailer un-couple and re-couple, your examiner will watch you as perform this task to make sure that you follow set safety procedures.

The manoeuvre as pictured will be performed at the test centre and set out according to the size of the vehicle.guideline.

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If you’d like further information please give us a call 07975839047 and a member of our team will answer any questions you have thanks Awesom Learners.

This would suit experienced drivers with confidence in towing.

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We have a one day, fully intensive driving course available for those that are natural comfortable at the wheel and already have a good level of towing experience. This course has been designed to prepare you for the test only and does not teach you how to tow a trailer.

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If you have towed a trailer previously, but not frequently, then this course is perfect for you. The 2 day intensive course includes training for manoeuvres, learning how to uncouple and re-couple correctly and the costs of the test. Over the 2 days, you will be able to cover more mileage with your instructor, giving you more confidence leading up to your test.

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Our 3 day intensive course allows us to train and prepare any driver for their test. If you have had limited towing experience or have had insufficient time to prepare for a test, then this course is best suited to you. The course will be broken down into segments covering manoeuvres, uncoupling, re-coupling, safety inspections and allow us to cover the necessary mileage to prepare you for your exam.

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