Taxi Training

The Taxi Test is reflective of modern driving practises; the standard is set at a level suitable for the full driving licence holder, which is therefore higher than the learner driver test. It is important that you do not adjust your driving to what you may feel the examiner would expect to see, do not drive in an unnatural manner. I t is important that you read the Highway Code and be familiar with your vehicle.

What the taxi test involves;

The Eyesight Test – at the start of your practical assessment you will be asked to read a vehicle registration at a distance of 20.5 meters (20 meters for new style plate), you can use glasses or contact lenses if you wear them. If you fail then you won’t be able to take part in the driving part of the assessment.

The Practical Assessment – This will last around 35-40 minutes (depending on traffic), some of the skills you will be assessed on are specific to taxi drivers. The examiner will also ask you questions on the Highway Code.

During the practical assessment you will be examined on;

  • Your awareness and anticipation
  • Your effective planning of prevailing road and traffic conditions
  • Your correct use of speed
  • An emergency stop
  • A manoeuvre involving reversing
  • A taxi or private hire related exercise
  • Your passenger safety and comfort
  • A wheelchair element (for wheelchair enhanced vehicles)

For more information refer to your private hire/hackney carriage assessment booklet available from your local council.

The failure rate for Taxi Tests is VERY high when taken without accredited tuition. Bad habits, changes in procedure and poor observations skills result in many unsuccessful attempts.

At Awesom Learners we can give you the right training and support you need to help you pass the test 1st time.

We currently offer 6 lessons plus the taxi test fee all in for £160.00!

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