Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are set out by Awesom learners in response to the Covid-19 pandemic .Where any Covid-19 terms and conditions conflict with any other terms and conditions on our website the Covid-19 terms will take precedence.

  • Individual lessons will be a minimum of one and half hours , this will reduce the number of pupils in the vehicle on a daily basis unless your instructors chooses differently.
  • Awesom learners or your instructor has the right to postpone any lessons without notice on suspicion that either instructor or pupils may be displaying Covid-19 symptoms. Refunds will not be given but credit would be carried forward until a lesson can be rescheduled.
  • All pupils must adhere to government guidance such as appropriate PPE , any PPE that’s required must be the responsibility of the pupil such as face masks, hand sanitiser will be given by your instructor, and vehicles will be sanitised between each lesson.
  • Awesom learners or your instructor cannot be held liable in the event that you the pupil suspect you have contracted any illness as a result of a driving lesson and therefore any personal or financial loss suffered as a result . No working environment can be 100% risk-free and the pupil must except the risks associated when undertaking a driving lesson and that all precautions put in place by Awesom learners and your instructor are to our “best endeavours “ and to government guidance .
  • Pupils can postpone a lesson without penalty at short notice on the grounds of needing to self isolate due to Covid-19 in this event a credit if due would be forwarded to future lessons, pupils then would not be able to rebook a lesson for fourteen days unless a negative test is provided.
  • All monies paid to your instructor is a contract for driving lessons between the pupil and instructor and any refunds that would be due would be the responsibility of your instructor, No refunds will be given by Awesom Learners unless monies were paid directly to Awesom learners once lessons have started any monies would then be transferred to your instructor and therefore would be them liable for any refunds.
  • All instructors with Awesom learners work on a self employed basis and once lessons commence the contract will be between the pupil and instructor.Your instructor might have additional terms and conditions in which they would tell you.
  • These terms and conditions are set out with government guidance and this advice can alter and be subject to change at short notice.
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